Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year if you're Western

Yeah, everybody seem to celebrate the new year with the same calendar, but the Chinese have their own day, and I'm sure others do, too. I fail to see the real reason behind the holiday, it was a friday like any other day. Sun comes up, you check the traps for fresh meat, and bring the most appealing home for the day's eats.

I wish. I live in an apartment, and if I set up traps, all I'd get is cats and coons. Could make a day of meat out of them, probably make some interesting stories up about the missing posters that show up, but the coons are a rabies risk, and the cats are generally fatty. According to the other, they are fun to dissect. If my apartment were bigger, I'd save them for her. She loves dead stuff, and will kill me one day. She promised to make it quick, and I told her to go ahead, once I'm dead, who cares. She likes the idea, but wants me cremated, so she can keep me close. I doubt my family will allow it, but I'd be ok with it if they divvy up the ashes. One third to my parents, one third to my sister, and the rest to her.

Christmas was interesting. Her midgets love Christmas, and they really friggin scored. I wish I had done half as well as these brats. The best was a picture that one of the kids drew after I put together her art stand.

It's the stupid phone cam, but here is what it shows: The top is a couple hearts with legs and arms, and between them is "V. D." Inside the heart it says
"I Love Chocolate
"I love V.D.
"I love my family on V.D."

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is real. Somewhere, the other has the original, and as she was drunk when she tried to remove it, the original is now torn and roughly folded somewhere. I hope to get a clearer picture of it later. When I walked in the room she made sure to tell me V.D. stood for Valentines Day. I don't think she has any idea why we were all laughing, but being a week shy of seven, I'm glad she didn't. She already knows too much about life.

PB has gone Loko, and is going to puke and hopefully sleep. His other has threatened to wake him up at 6, and he was stupid enough to set the alarm for her, so she can get the midgets to school on time.

I gotta get some hamsters tomorrow when I pick up the cat food. The cats will eat the hamsters, but only the ones still alive after the fights. Anyone out there fighting hamsters?